Soups and Salads

Rasam 2.50

Soup prepared with tomatoes, onions, tamarind juice and spices.

Sambar 3.00

Thick vegetable soup prepared with lentils.

Tomato Soup 3.00

Creamy tomato soup garnished with ginger and black pepper.

Vegetable Corn Soup 3.00

Thick vegetable soup prepared with corn.

Chicken Corn Soup 3.50

Thick chicken soup prepared with chicken and egg.

Raitha 2.50

Mildly spiced yogurt with chopped pieces of cucumbers and onions.

Kachumbar Salad 4.00

Cucumbers, tomatoes and onions.

Fresh Garden Salad 4.50

Chicken Salad 6.95

Chicken breast marinated with yogurt, spices cooked in tandoor oven and tossed over garden salad. Served with house dressing.