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About Priya

Priya Indian Cuisine offers a range of culinary delights, which are as varied as the land of India itself. It is a fusion of North, South, East & West of India. The cuisine from India is as ancient as its civilization and has evolved as it has absorbed influences from the Moguls, the Persians, the Zoroastrians, the Portuguese and the native local foods.

Priya Indian Cuisine blends the class & refinement of the north with the sauce and spice of the south. The repertoire is rich, vast & seductive both in vegetarian & non-vegetarian fare, & boasts of several varieties of Curries, Dals, Tandoor kabobs & Biryanis The curries and the rich Koormas are complemented by Tandoor food – a cuisine as well known as the curries.

The Moguls influenced the food of northwestern India by introducing the concept of the Tandoor – a conical clay oven fired by charcoal and wood. The delicately spiced meats and vegetables are marinated in a paste of yogurt and spices before being threaded on skewers and quickly baked, giving them a sublime smoky flavor. Accompaniments to the meats are the much leavened and unleavened breads (Nan, Parathas) also baked in the Tandoor. For the Tandoor dishes check the Tandoor section of our menu.


Priya incorporates the fresh homemade Indian cheese – Paneer in to its dishes, creating vegetarian dishes like Palak Paneer (Spinach), Mutter Paneer (Peas), Kadai Paneer & Shahi Paneer.


The grandeur of Priya Cuisine finds true expression in its Pulaos and Biryanis from the city of Hyderabad in South India. The Biryanis and pulaos are rice dishes made with lamb, chicken, shrimp, egg or vegetables. Accompaniments to the Biryanis are the rich curry sauce and Raitha


Priya Cuisine includes some of the more famous dishes from South India. This part of India is mostly vegetarian and produces some of the most delicious and imaginative dishes in the Indian repertoire. The use of rice, lentils, vegetables and the blending of spices provide the distinctive flavors and aromas of South Indian Cuisine. The centuries-old tradition of south Indian cooking requires careful attention not only to the blending of spices, but also to the timing of their addition. Crepes (Dosas), Steamed dumplings (Idlis), Fried dumplings (Vadas), Lentil Dals, the variety rice’s, vegetable & meat curries in the menu are from all parts of the South.


Web site is not sufficient to truly experience the culinary delights of Priya. Visit Priya Indian Cuisine in Troy, MI and check out its Lunch buffet all days of the week to experience true Indian food from all parts of North, South, East & West of India.

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